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Explore the benefits of an outsourced help desk and adjunct staff solution

Serving your IT needs is how we focus our business. We will be invested in your success by leveraging the best available software platforms and resources to support your business, your end users and assist your team.

The Agile Infotech support team has the experience and the know how to effectively manage your information technology support needs. Our software suite can provide robust and diverse services including remote monitoring, access and management, full backups and system state data protection, full reporting capabilities, endpoint detection and response, disaster recovery including bare metal and disparate hardware recovery, as well as solutions including backups for Office 365 and mail.

Why consider outsourcing your IT help desk and teams?

  • Highly skilled remote engineers that can be dedicated to your business.

  • Work as part of your team, or as primary team.

  • No payroll taxes, benefits or workers compensation insurance to pay.

  • Fast and reliable service.

  • Open a ticket by phone, email or portal access.

  • We can maintain and monitor your systems to proactively mitigate issues.

Adjunct services

Allow AIT to enhance your teams capabilities by using our adjunct services.

Outsourcing to Agile Infotech help desk team, is a perfect solution to augment your internal team and give them the resources they need to handle the extra tickets and requests. Allowing us to provide adjunct services is a reliable way to free up your team to work on new projects and new business development initiatives.

The Agile Infotech team has vast experience on all of the latest new technologies, including Microsoft, Office 365, Cisco networking and VoIP/Video just to name a few. When you bring our team on board, you bring a wealth of knowledge and consulting power to your organization.

We don’t just sell solutions and fixes, we help you customize an approach and develop the methodologies and service offerings that’s right for your business. Contact Agile Infotech today by filling out the form below!